Sunday, September 29, 2013

Led to Lead

Led to Lead

As God continues to call me into positions and roles of leadership, one thing becomes ever so evident:  I cannot lead unless I am led.
I may learn all the leadership techniques, be great at developing and duplicating leaders, write and speak about leadership, and even teach others how to be great leaders, but if I am not being led... I cannot lead.

It is necessary that I be led by the ONE great leader, Jesus Christ. I must submit to His authority and His leadership. I need to read His Word and listen to His instruction. For it is by Him and for Him that I lead.

Don’t get me wrong. To be a great leader, reading good leadership books and blogs is important. Going to leadership conferences is beneficial to your longevity as a leader. Having a mentor is crucial to your growth and development. But if you are not being led by Jesus Christ, you cannot lead well.

John 15 reminds us that abiding in Him is the key to bearing fruit. So why do we forget this when it comes to our leadership? Why do we try to do it on our own? Why do we attempt to fix all the problems and set our own agendas? Why do we often make plans and invite Him to join us instead of listening to His plans and joining Him?

Leadership is tricky. Leadership itself denotes authority and power. When we are placed in positions of leadership, we often resort to our fleshly desires to control, to fix everything, and to rule. We can’t help but want to display strength, resolve, and purpose. And all of these characteristics are not inherently wrong, but they can be a catalyst for self-reliance.

So what can we do to make sure we are led leaders?

1. Stay in the Word and in His Presence. In addition to having a daily quiet time, we encourage our church staff and leaders to participate in a weekly CRAVE time. Every Thursday at noon we break for an hour and gather and just sit in the presence of the Lord. Accompanied with Scripture and quiet worship music, our goal is to cease striving and abide in Him. This exercise reminds us of the ONE who leads us and gives us His perspective.

2. Seek His agenda first. Observe what He is up to and join Him. Listen to His promptings and follow His lead.

3. Be accountable. Find a mentor or a colleague or even your spouse to hold you accountable. Have them ask you hard questions as to your motives and actions.

4. Lead others to be led. Whether you are in church leadership, lead in your business, or lead as a mom, you have the opportunity and the responsibility to train others that abiding in Christ is the key to Spirit-led leadership. Godly decisions and agendas do not come naturally for us. We must seek God and His wisdom and leadership to be godly spiritual leaders.

Want to be a great leader? Allow yourself to be led to lead by the ONE who created you, called you, loves you, and desires to lead you to lead others.

Living for ONE,

Kelli Wommack

Kelli is a motivational speaker, writer, and blogger and loves seeing people reach their full potential in Christ. In her role as Director of Leadership Development and Serve Ministries at Christ Community Church in Georgia, she has the awesome privilege of rallying others to find their unique place of ministry and leadership. Her favorite home team includes her loving, funny, yet quiet husband, and her two loving, funny, and not so quiet children. Connect with Kelli: