Sunday, October 28, 2012

Life-Giving LeadHERship Tip: Making Tough Decisions

Something caught my eye for the first time the other day. I was reading 1 Samuel where David and his men were in a cave taking refuge from Saul's army when Saul himself shows up in the cave. David's men automatically assumed that it was God's will for David to kill Saul. They based their argument on the following:
  • Saul showed up in the very cave that David and his men were hiding.
  • David had a perfect opportunity to kill his enemy and become King. After all, he was God's anointed king.
HOWEVER...David didn't listen to the "noise from the crowd." Instead he made his decision based on principle. He knew the consequences for killing God's anointed leader and chose to let Saul go.

Often as leaders, we have to make unpopular decisions. Perhaps everyone around us is saying to go in one direction but we don't have the peace that surpasses all understanding. At times like this, we need to quiet ourselves and listen for that still small voice and then we can move forward in faith.

Perhaps you are facing a difficult decision and everyone around is saying one thing - just like David's soldiers - but you are not sure. Take a break. Go to a quiet place. Spend time in prayer and connect with the Lord. Once you have peace, move forward in the direction that you believe God is leading you. Like David, live a life based on biblical principles and you will fulfill the plans God has for you!